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Hello! This is Arunima and I am amazed to be featured as a painter and a virtual writer at Chronicles Café. I draw inspiration from life to create pieces of art like poems, paintings and short stories, which I hope you can cherish. I hold a keen interest in sports and I am a follower of … Continue reading Arunima


Hey, hi! I am Saloni, pursuing Honours Bachelor of Commerce. I love the work of innovation and creativity. I enjoy cooking and experimenting with DIYs as my daily routine. Also, travelling places makes me happy. I possess charitable elements and I wish to help the needy to be an asset to the society. I feel wonderful … Continue reading Saloni


Hey, hi! My name is Salil. I’m a student of Chartered Accountancy and just for the record that doesn’t make me a boring person to hang around. I strongly believe in the energy of music because it brings people together. It powers us to experience emotions. People everywhere are the same inside. No matter what … Continue reading Salil


Hi! I am Risha, pursuing Bachelors Of Engineering (Electrical Branch). Giving structure to my ideas and thoughts gives me immense pleasure. I enjoy making DIYs, reading and carving pieces of art from scrap. Also, travelling to new places and meeting new people brings me a lot of joy. I believe every child in the world … Continue reading Risha


Howdy! My name is Payal and I am an article pursuing Chartered Accountancy. I have performed as an Anchor at Pet My Hobby and I’m here once again to endeavour my newly discovered skills. Don’t you worry! I am not going to just blabber about my field of study; instead it’s going to be an … Continue reading Payal


Hi! My name is Ashwin, an Entrepreneur and Founder of Chronicles Café. Here, I talk about gadgets, the future of automobile and geek business personalities. You guessed it right! I am a techie and that feels home to me. Having an entrepreneurial spirit; innovation, knowledge and art are my magnets. Being a Video Producer and … Continue reading Ashwin


Hi! My name is Siddhangana and I am studying Textile Design at National Institute of Design, India. I basically study fabrics and create them. I love to read fiction novels and write down whatever pops up in my head I find meaningful. Strong emotions take over my poetic ghost at times and then everything rhymes. … Continue reading Siddhangana


Hello! My name is Soumya. I’m here to spread quirky smiles as a creative writer. Unlike all the grave writers, I produce my wits from the conventional situations I am in. I aspire to write about clichéd situations in an innovative and humorous approach. I love eclectic reading and trying my hand on everything that … Continue reading Soumya


Hi! I am Nivedita, pursuing Doctorate in Architecture. Someone once said, “Great fiction can redeem reality”. I deeply believe that stories, broken or unbroken, impart motion to our imagination of selves. Being an image-maker and an earnest reader, I quickly get dropped into the mix of the two and am carried in the world of … Continue reading Nivedita


Hi! I’m Bhumika. I believe in the power of my thoughts and giving shape to my thoughts in the form of words is one thing that I genuinely enjoy doing. I am an avid reader and I enjoy reading genres like Fiction, History and Politics. I am fascinated by words and I aspire to learn … Continue reading Bhumika