5 Simple Tips To Save More Money!

Save Money

Saving money is something that we all know is good for our future yet we fail to do it. Saving money is a much broader concept than just spending less and stashing away your remnant salary. It involves planning before spending, investing your money and more. So here are some tips on saving your hard-earned money in an efficient way.

1. Record every expense


This is the most crucial thing you need to do before you actually plan out a budget. Keeping a record of each and every expense will give you an insight into your spending pattern and you would be in a clearer position to decide what all expenses were actually needed and which of them could be ruled out in the future.

2. Prepare a budget


After tracking each and every expense, you are in a position to see where your money is going. Now, prepare a budget by clearly listing out the sources of incomes and the expenditures you are most likely to incur. At first, try to include only very necessary expenses like food, shelter and clothing. This will increase the corpus of your savings and overtime you’ll be able to afford luxuries without exhausting your whole salary.

3. Invest somewhere


Stashing away all of your saved money into a locker is not a wise decision as money loses value over time. You can invest some of it or all into various options trending in the market. Beginners can open up a savings bank account or invest into mutual funds which are considerably safer than the other options available.

4. Prepare a list every time you go out for shopping


We often tend to buy useless things just because they catch our fancy. Preparing a shopping list will ensure that you don’t end up buying things that are not actually needed. Prepare a shopping list and adhere by it, you will end up saving a lot by the end of the year.

5. Pay your bills, debts or any outstanding expense on time


Some of us are habitual of paying our bills and debts after the due date. Well, those 100 bucks over your bill may sound like not a really big deal but if you are paying them off late every month then you’re really incurring a lot because of your laziness or ignorance. If you try to pay your bills on time, you’ll not incur extra charges, and ultimately the corpus of your savings will increase. As simple as it sounds, right?

These were some tips on how to save wisely; we hope that these help you to save some for a rainy day. Do you have some tried and tested ways of saving more money each month? Please do share them with us in the comment box below.

Article by Bhumika Israni


Why No-Shave November?

No Shave November

It’s November, “No-shave November”, a month to showcase your talent guys. A Moustache November, beard November, hairy November, hotness November and a Manly November. There are simple rules to it. Say ciao to razors for 30 days, skip waxing appointments, grow your mustache, beard and say hola to facial hairs. The only exception to it is you can trim and groom them. Donate the maintenance cost of the month for a cause, as an individual or in a group.

No-shave November began to spread awareness and support men’s health issues like poor mental health, prostate cancer, and physical inactivity. The research, education, and prevention programs take place to identify cancer at an early stage because people tend to lose hair when they suffer from cancer.

This is how they came up with “The Movember Foundation”. They started back in 1999 in Adelaide, South Australia. It is a web-based non-profit organization. Besides annual check-ups, the Movember Foundation encourages men to be aware of hereditary cancer and to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Grow wild, go free this November! Participate, donate, share and spread awareness to help all my Mo Bros. To be Mo Bros click here.

– Arunima

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5 Different Types of Tea You Should Know About


Tea is world’s 2nd most consumed drink after water. It has over 3,000 varieties.

All types of tea come from the same plant, the Camellia Sinensis. The difference arises from processing, growing conditions and geography of the tea.

More the tea leaves are processed the stronger the flavor. The level of oxidation, or exposure to the elements, is what determines whether a tea is white, green, oolong, puer or black.

The amount of tea used, temperature and brewing time are factors that make a perfect tea.

The lesser oxidized tea is, the lighter it will be in both taste and aroma. Heavily oxidized teas will yield a dark, rich, reddish-brown infusion while less oxidized teas will yield a light, yellow-green liquid.

Here are some interesting types of Tea!

White Tea


White tea undergoes the least processing of all teas. The tea shoots are allowed to wither then dry to prevent oxidization.

Green Tea


The leaves are heated before they’re rolled (by hand or in a machine) and dried. Very less oxidation occurs, but the extra steps bring out the natural flavor. Green teas are sweet and contain many vitamins and antioxidant properties of the fresh green tea leaf, making them highly regarded as a healthy, fragrant and delicious drink.

Oolong Tea (Wulong)


Bruising or tearing the leaves results in partial oxidation, and a cup with a rich color. The flavor of oolong tea is typically not as robust as blacks or as subtle as greens, but it has its own fragrant and intriguing tones. Oolong is relatable with the taste and aroma of fresh flowers or fruits.

Black Tea


It goes under complete oxidation and has characteristic dark brown and black leaf. It has more robust and pronounced flavors of black tea and, when brewed appropriately, it has a higher caffeine content compared to other teas.

Puer tea


Puer is an aged black tea from China prized for its medicinal properties and earthy flavor. It is perhaps the most mysterious of all tea. The process of its production is a closely guarded state secret in China.

– Siddhangana

Happy Birthday Ross Geller! (GIFs)

SF (1)

“Hhh-ii” in lousy tone!

Probably the best lousy greeting ever invented by none other than Ross Geller, David Schwimmer that is. The Paleontologist turns 49 today and that is one exactly less than half a century. We’ve grown up watching his obsession with fossils and Rachel. This geek gave us the best of both worlds and enough reasons to believe that you can think of dinosaurs while you’re dealing with the most climacteric things of your life. His impromptu actions and choice of words has us still falling for him and forever. Happy Birthday, Ross!


1. “Unagi”


2. “It get’s Worse”


3. “One Mississipi, two Mississipi, three Missi…”


4. “Pivot!”


5. “I got Mugged. And they stole my pocket.”


6. “I’m sorry, it must be the pressure of entertaining.”


7. “So, you’re saying, uh, if I wear these pants I might be getting into hers?”


8. “I haven’t had sex in four months. I should get a medal for that!”


9. “I went to tanning place your wife suggested.”


10. “Joey, homo sapiens are people.”


11. “La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!”


– Soumya

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Book Summary: The Bad Girl

The Bad Girl

“You’ve done the worst things to me that a woman can do to a man. You made me believe you loved me while you calmly seduced other men because they had more money, and you left me with no pangs of conscience. You haven’t done it once but twice, three times. Leaving me destroyed, confused, without the heart for anything. And then you will still have the effrontery to tell me one more time, with the most brazen face, that you want us to live together again. The truth is, you ought to be on display in a circus.”

“I’m sorry, I won’t play any bad tricks on you again.”

“You won’t have the chance, because I’ll never live with you again. Nobody’s loved you like I have, nobody’s done all that I…Well, I feel stupid saying this nonsense to you. What is it that you want from me?”

Mario Vargas Llosa as a person of self-indulgence abhorring mediocrity wrote “The Bad Girl”. The Bad Girl has many names, Lily, Comrade Arlett, Madame Arnoux, Mrs. David Richardson, Kuriko and finally Mrs. Ricardito Somocurcio. But the Bad Girl’s real identity is so much of a mystery that it is almost at the end of the novel that one finds out her real name to be Otilita. And as every chapter passes the reader by, one can’t help wondering if she has a bipolar disorder or a psychological condition of a similar kind. But what Llosa does through his writing is much more intriguing.

What the Bad Girl does, or what she wants is a perfectly fine aspiration of a human being. The Bad Girl is nothing but a poor Chilean girl trying to escape the dire poverty that she faces in Peru. Llosa places the novel from 1950 onwards, clearly referring to the instability of any form of Peru that takes a toll on the socio-economic life of people across its length and breadth. The Bad Girl is an exemplar of how many people aspire to outrun the unstable Peruvianism of the period. Her means and methods might be treacherous and embezzling, but her endeavor to become rich and have a better life is purely human.

There is the narrator, the protagonist, Ricardito Somocurcio, the all time lover of the Bad Girl, whom she uses and abandons from time to time, like an intermittent hobby of adultery. Llosa plots comparative characters that bed the Bad Girl. Dear Ricardito is mediocre; just a translator-interpreter who works freelance for UN. His earning is modest, like that of any urban middle-class man, who is always a subject to mortgage and loans if in case he thinks of doing something a little extravagant. He is a Parisian of the 60s and 70s, an urban hotspot of Europe for intellectual life and existential thinking. Ricardito feels he is an outsider in Paris, but does not feel to be a native of Peru either. Such dual or none status of the mind makes Ricardito weary. So whenever the Bad Girl walks into his life, which happens several times in the story, he gains his existential foothold, that of loving her. His mediocre life seems worthy when he thinks that he can satisfy the Bad Girl in some ways. His pining for her is unbearably naive.

The Bad Girl, on the other hand, is a complete deceptive character. She attaches herself to all kinds of wealthy and powerful men possible. A Cuban revolutionary, a French diplomat, an English horse breeder and a Japanese Yakuza boss. With all of them, she becomes one of them to blend into the safe environment that they can provide. She likes it all, the mascara, the wine, the life of the rich. And yet, intermittently whenever she meets Ricardo, she expresses dissatisfaction and disappointments. This is not doubted her questions of identity, about who she is. The Bad Girl needs money from the rich, but the attention of Ricardito. As the story progresses, one gets the feeling that the Bad Girl and Ricardito are mysteriously entwined into each other. Ricardito as a space is a space of clarity for the Bad Girl, a room, where she can clearly express and be herself. Ricardito cannot dominate her, and she can’t escape him.

Slowly and steadily, Ricardo shapes her love, helps her negotiate her imbalances. But she is one of those who get bored with the stasis. She tries to control her fickle mind, compose herself to Ricardito’s calm surroundings, but suffocates very soon and plots an escape. She never fails to suffer for what she wants. It is the instinct of manufacturing her fate that drives her to be calculative and restless, seek pleasure and pain, to be cruel and ignorant and all that she is in The Bad Girl.

– Nivedita