Yin and Yang

Yin Yang (1)

Black or White, Day or Night, True or False, Love or Hate, Light or Dark, Men or Women, we can’t imagine one’s merit until we see the other that compliments. They are interconnected and interdependent. They complete each other, one gives importance to another, totally opposite yet so close and so intriguing.

The beauty of life lies in the attraction of opposites.

Artwork by Pooja Rathore


Madhubani Art

Madhubani (1)

Originated from Mithila village, Nepal, Madhubani art is also known as Mithila paintings. These paintings include natural and mythological themes. Here is an artwork showing the harmony of birds and trees.

Artwork by Pooja Rathore

Vibrant Umbrella

Girl with an Umbrella

It was this day I was waiting for, the happiness I was seeking for. I moved out, I took a big gasp. It was raining. I took my umbrella, rushed towards my garden, I was dancing, screaming, I was not in my mood to stop, so so so happy! The flowers, wind, grass, weather; each of them was in the mood. Butterflies all around, poking me again and again. I was shivering, and my umbrella flew. Each droplet was touching my face with sheer delight. I sat on the swing; I rode it for long. I sneezed my nose to red, but my excitement was never-ending. It isn’t meant to stop!

Artwork by Pooja Rathore

A Lot Can Happen Over a Cup of Coffee!


It just takes fresh aroma of coffee to cheer up your mood. For all the coffee people, here is an adorable doodle art, which shows what a colourful character, a cup of coffee plays for us!

Artwork by Pooja Rathore

Travel Maniacs


R.L. Stevenson was a Scottish Novelist, poet and a travel writer. One of his many brilliant quotes inspired this doodle artwork.

People love to travel and often, they’re thrilled about it and why not? You get to meet new people, eat new food, learn new languages, enjoy new experiences, involve in new cultures, see new things and challenge yourself to those rural toilets! Travelling brings us peace and we get a chance to know ourselves better.

Cheer to all Travel Maniacs!

Artwork by Pooja Rathore